Advisory Council

The Advisory Council was established in March 2012.  The role of the Council is to provide a sounding board of advice and input for the Ombudsman Office as they continue to develop practice and outreach, and also to share expertise and perspectives among an interdisciplinary group of experienced professionals in child welfare and related fields.  Council members also assist with public education and outreach about the Ombudsman Office.  The Council members do not manage the Ombudsman Office operations, nor are they involved in any specific cases and have no access to the Ombudsman's confidential information.

The following individuals have been selected to be members of our Advisory Council:

-Sister Michael Delores Allegri (President, Colorado Foster Parent Association/ Mt. St. Vincent Home)

-Latisha Alvarado (Former foster youth)

-Terraine Bailey (GAL, Bailey Law Firm/ Board of Directors, Office of the Child's Representative)

-Jim Barclay (CEO, Luterhan Family Services of CO (CPA)

-Deb Brillo (Foster Parent)

-Judge Diane Briscoe (Judge)

-Deborah Cave (President, Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families)

-Christine Cde Baca (School psychologist, Adams County School District 50)

-John Ciccalella (President, Ciccalella Family Law, P.C.)

-Brian Cotter (Denver Police Department and Foster Parent)

-Eliza Hicks (Rits of Passage/ Ridge View)

-Kim Johnson (Social Worker, Indian Family Resource Center)

-Martha Johnson (Deputy Director of La Plata County Department of Human Services)

-Julie Krow (Colorado Department of Human Services)

-Lori Moriarity (Board of Directors and Co-Founder, National & Colorado Alliance for Drug Endangered Children/ Former law enforcement/ foster-adoptive parent)

-Janet Rowland (Mesa County Commissioner)

-Dr. Jim Ryan (Council Executive, Colorado Council of Churches)

-Shari Shink (Founder and President, Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center)

-Dr. Kathi Wells (Physician, Denver Health and Denver DHS)

-Tom Westfall (Foster Parent/ Trainer)