Ombudsman: Coming to a Town Near You Soon!

We realize this is a new office and a new concept for CO, and we want to build it right.

That's why we are heading across the state this fall to meet County Departments of Human Services, foster parents, youth in foster care, treatment provider and concerned citizens to explain the role of the Ombudsman's Office and get input about ideas and issues that folks would like to share.  The Ombudsman Office takes complaints about child protection in Colorado, but that's not ALL we do. We also take suggestions for ways to improve the system in Colorado, and we even seek compliments about individuals or organizations who are doing great things for children.  Here's why we accept those three kinds of data: at the end of the year, we are required to report to the Governor and Legislature about the data and trends we tracked over the year.  

The opportunity here is that the Ombudsman's Office is a neutral and independent entity with the ability to investigate child protection issues and make recommendations for ways to make improvements and strengthen the system.  You can think of us as a safety net for the child protection system. 

We also want to educate folks about child abuse and neglect, how to spot it and how to prevent it. 

Stay tuned for our travel plans. If there is a meeting or event that we should consider attending, please contact us with details.